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Leather Work

Leather Work

Leather is something special

Leather is widely used to make the interior of aircraft comfortable, appealing and livable. To preserve the beauty and the high class appeal of you aircraft’s interiors we offer the following works on leather:


To keep your leather surfaces in a good condition we offer professional cleaning for all kind of leather including removing ink marks, heel marks and all other kinds of stains.

Leather Work
Leather Work
Leather Work


When cleaning alone seems to be not enough we also perform all refurbishment work which might be necessary to recondition the immaculate appearance of your cabin. We repair damages on all leather surfaces, for example burn holes, scratches and cracks. Afterwards a new pigmentation might be necessary, which will restore the original colour and make the leather look like new.

Additionally we will coat the leather with Leather Protector BUB-PRO to provide a lasting safeguard against spots and stains and keep the high class look for many, many flights.

In cooperation with several Vendors we offer you a large variety of types, colors and patterns of leather for upholstery of your seats, divans or panels. We can provide you a lot of samples to choose from and to discover all the options we provide and obtain.


A professional treatment extends the lifetime of the high quality interior of your aircraft. The best way to keep leather and all fabrics in perfect condition is to coat them with BUB-PRO Leather Protector. We apply this coating on the leather or fabrics before starting the upholstery or immediately afterwards.


Leather is widely used to make the interior of many business jets comfortable, appealing and livable. Though it is very durable it needs a special treatment from time to time, to restore its classy look.


  • Custom Projects
  • Leather Detailing
  • Painting
  • Refurbishment


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