EASA Part 145 – DE.145.0343 | EASA Part DE.21G.0221 certified

Carpet Care

Carpet Care

The specialist of flying carpets

In order to make your ideas come true we offer you a broad choice of carpet patterns in various qualities.To give your plane the high class look which reflects your status and personal style you might be interested in a hand tufted product from first class materials like wool and silk. You can select from a broad variety of patterns and colors, to make sure the cabin of your jet gets the look you like best.


Carpet Care
Carpet Care
Carpet Care
And if you want to get it fast, it’s no problem at all. Our suppliers have a variety of carpets in stock which you could choose from. In that case changing your carpet is just a matter of a few weeks.Based on our many years of experience as interior specialists we will help you to find the best solution for your aircraft.

After installation of a new carpet or fabrics we recommend a special sealing treatment to protect it from contamination.

This professional treatment should be used for all carpets and fabrics in your aircraft after the installation or even before upholstery.For all fabrics inside your aircraft we offer a special subscription service including a cleaning and seal treatment quarterly. So you can be sure your airplane looks spick and span all the time. The cost for this service is reasonable, but the impact on the atmosphere on board and the service life of all carpets and fabrics is obvious.



Comfort and cosiness of your cabin begins on the floor. However, a carpet is not just design and a nice look, but also noise reduction, air quality and safety. For carpets and all other fabrics inside the aircraft
we offer a special subscription service including quarterly cleaning and seal treatment, so everything looks as perfect as you expect it all the time.


  • EASA Part 145 certified
  • Focus on individual solutions
  • Professional advice
  • Protective treatment
  • Wide choice of patterns and colors


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